Pick and choose as you please.┬áThe following features are a just a few that can be added to any website. Online Show Entry and Stall Reservations […]


Images, Scripts, Videos, Stylesheets, Heart and Soul   Like a home, websites need to be built on a solid foundation. Depending on the landscape or rather […]

Foundation up Websites

HTML + CSS + JQuery + Bootstrap + WordPress + Dreamweaver + PHP + Photoshop Add a dash of this and that, tweak and then tweak […]

Technical Skills

Education + Concentration + Personability + Creativity + Detail + Curiosity Just a small town girl living in Vancouver, Washington creating websites for folks on the […]

What I Offer

Reach beyond the aesthetics and satisfy all the senses. Awaken the user with a design that brings to life the five senses of life; sight, sound, […]

Design for the Senses